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About Us

At Tea House Therapy our approach is highly personalized. We integrate innovative, evidence-based techniques to help clients achieve powerful change.When we work with couples, we employ interventions that have been developed from more than 40 years of research with many thousands of couples—the most extensive body of scholarship ever done on marital stability.

Our Founder

Sonia started Tea House Therapy in 2018 with one goal in mind,

To help individuals, couples and families improve their ability to relate to themselves and each other to create healthy and satisfying relationships.

She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with Distinction from the University of the West Indies (Mona) and is the only Gottman Level 3 trained Clinical Psychologist in the Caribbean. The Gottman Model provides evidenced based approaches to developing “Masters” of intimate relationships.

In addition to her work and leadership at Tea House Therapy, Sonia occasionally provides therapy at Family Life Ministries.

Throughout her career as a Psychologist, she has provided meaningful interventions to individuals, couples and also groups in local and international settings.

Sonia has enjoyed a satisfying marriage to Brian for over 20 years and they have two young adult daughters.


We hope it is a priority to make the changes in your life that create the life you want to live. We are here six days a week to help you get there. Call us today. – Sonia

Meet The Team

Sheralda Small

Associate Clinical Psychologist (S)

Sheralda is an Associate Clinical Psychologist (S) here at Tea House Therapy.

She has worked closely with individuals having challenges with anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder. She utilizes Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to aid her clients in understanding their thought processes, provide practical tools to tolerate distress, effectively manage stressors and regulate their emotions.

She was drawn to the helping profession through her passion to understand the healing process necessary to overcome emotional trauma and her desire to help others live more fulfilling lives.

A wealth of life experiences has provided insight on common debilitating approaches to problem solving and feelings of overwhelm. Sheralda therefore incorporates a collaborative approach and a comprehensive method to help her clients progressively accomplish all of their
therapeutic goals.

Her doctrine is to serve every client with compassion, resulting in clients having compassion for self.

Life gets tough sometimes but so are we, therefore, resilience is key!

Jehan White

Associate Clinical Psychologist

Jehan is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Licensed Associate Clinical Psychologist at Tea House Therapy.

Her intention within therapy is to collaboratively meet clients where they are at and to share their stories.

Often we lose our voice feeling unseen and unheard by others and ourselves. Therefore, she is constantly seeking the opportunity to remain attuned and share compassion for those who are seeking connection and healing.

After completing her Masters Degree from Trinity Western University in Canada, she has been practicing Psychotherapy for over eight years.

Jehan primarily works with teenagers, families and adults on a broad range of issues including (but not limited to) trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fertility, grief, suicidality, emotional regulation and addictions.

She invites you to come and share your journey in a non-judgmental space and  work together with her to develop your voice and seek deeper relationships within your life.

Zonya Rodney

Associate Clinical Psychologist (S)

Zonya is an Associate Clinical Psychologist (S) and Mindfulness Coach and has a passion for helping people navigate the stress, challenges and complexities of being human.

Instead of seeing psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety as evidence that someone is broken or in need of fixing, she views them as pretty wise messengers telling us that something in our lives needs to be acknowledged and attended to with curiosity, calmness, courage and compassion.

No matter our age, education level or status in life, we all need to talk to someone outside of family, friends or church at times. And because she’s benefited tremendously from speaking to wise, skilled therapists when she’s felt out of sorts & uncertain & not quite her usual self, it is now her absolute joy to be able to provide a non-judgemental listening ear and to help you understand and manage your thoughts and emotions much more skill-fully, so that you can become far more relaxed, contented and at ease with yourself, your relationships and with life in general.

Zonya looks forward to helping you use the present crisis or challenge in your life as an opportunity to connect the dots in your past and create a pathway of new possibilities for your future.

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